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קטגוריה משנית
Dear Rabbi: I understand that in order to bring about the Messianic Age, the coded name of G-d must be found again. Today there are computers that can literally speak and call out numbers and codes as they scroll over documents, etc. . What are your thoughts on a computer being used to search for and find the secret coded name of G-d so that the Messianic Age can commence. Thank you.
Shalom You touch on an interesting idea which i believe in and of itself has no source in Judaism, but may have been derived from an authentic idea found in the Esoteric wisdom of the Torah. That is the idea that the purpose of the world is to reveal Hashems name from it's concealment in the physicality and to elevate it to it's source. Every person is responsible for finding Hashems name behind every moment in their lives. This is the way to bringing the Messianic age - Mashiach, and the way to bring meaning and Infinity into our finite lives. May we merit to bring the Mashiach and see the rebuilding of Jerusalem speedily in our days! Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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