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trief cutlery

Rabbi David SperlingSivan 5, 5771
When kashering trief cutlery by boiling in a pot, should the pot be a kosher pot or a trief pot?
Shalom, Treif cutlery may be koshered by boiling it up in any pot as long as the pot has not been in use for the last 24 hours. It also makes no difference if it is a milk or meat pot, so long as 24 hours have passed since its last use. It does have to be clean. The cutlery should also be left for 24 hours after it became treif before koshering it. When koshering for Passover the custom is to use a kosher-for-Passover pot to kosher in, or to kosher the pot itself first before koshering cutlery for Passover in it. Blessings.
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