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Iyyar 25, 5771
I learned that we are not to address people by using nicknames (derogotory) but are we permitted to address oiur husband or friend in an endearing term such as "honey" or "dear"? I am so accustomed to using these terms to address those I love and also new people I meet or talk to on the phone and I thought that these are endearing and loving ways to address people. I just learned of the Halacha about nicknames and I never want to violate Halacha and I want to do the right thing Rabbi, thank you so much for your help to me
Firstly, let me tell you i am touched at how important halacha is to you and how much you take it to heart. In terrms of nicknames - any name which is derogratory, has negative conotations, or even is positive but not liked by your friend/husband - is forbidden. Therefore calling someone you love 'honey' or 'dear' when this word is appreciated is permitted. Furthermore. calling one another nicknames like these which increase love between husband and wife are not only allowed but are reccomended! Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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