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קטגוריה משנית
Dear Rabbi Weisz, I am going to visit my immediate family in Israel for Pesach. Do I need to keep 2 days of Chag or can I keep 1 day (or just not do melacha on the 2nd day - the so-called 1 and a half day option). I’ll be in Israel for about a month from just after RC Nisan to RC Iyar. My local rav told me I should keep 2 days in line with the opinion of the majority of poskim. I remember learning that the Chacham Tzvi held one could keep one day even if only visiting for a short time. Keeping two days will be inconvenient for me as my entire family keeps one day (I have been living in chu"l for the past 2 years) and I’d need to organise a second Seder.
I certainly think that you have to keep 2 days unless you are here in israel with all your direct family and there is a more than a possibility a probability and expectency that you will remain in israel. esw
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