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Tevilat kelim

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanNisan 8, 5771
Chalom, I read today that nowadays it’s common to tovel the kelim used in a restaurant. But if it’s difficult, then it’s possible to give them to a non-jew & borrow them from him indefinitely (the book where i read that mentions "Tevilat Kelim", chapter 3, footnote 24, in the name of rav Ovadia Yossef). I would like to know if such a thing could be done for everybody? I know a woman, she’s in her 60’s, it’s difficult, heavy and expensive for her to bring her kelim to the mikve, & since no one helps her, then she keeps on eating in plates that have never been to mikve. Thank you very much for your answer! Chavoua tov
The solution of giving the dishes to a non-Jew as a gift and then borrowing them when Tevila is not possible, is mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch. However, there is the reservation by some that this shouldn't be done for the long term. So for a short term solution what you mentioned is definitely a good idea. For the long term, an effort should be made to have her dishes properly immersed in a Mikveh. (שו"ע אורח חיים - סימן שכג ,שו"ע יורה דעה - סימן קכ, וט"ז שם )
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