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BS"D Shalom, I would like to know if it is necessary to have a minyan for a seudat hodayah, or a zimun will be enough? Kol Tuv
The Gemara in Berachot (54b)requires ten people present in order to say Birkat Hagomel. The Shulchan Aruch ((˘ÂÏÁÔ Ú¯ÂÍ ‡Â¯Á ÁÈÈÌ ÒÈÓÔ ¯ÈË ÒÚÈÛ ‚ says that ten are required but there are opinions that ten people are only to begin with, however if one knows that he will not find ten, then he may say the bracha without ten Lechatchila. (Ó˘‰ ·¯Â¯‰). Halacha does not require making a seudah after saying Birkat Hagomel. A seudat hodaya has become customary in lieu of Birkat Hagomel when the bracha is not justified. However, we found no obligation to make a seuda with ten people. Neither did we find such an obligation at Seudat Purim which is definitely a required meal of thanksgiving. In short, though it is worthy to praise Hashem in front of many people (˙‰ÏÈÌ (Ù¯˜ ˜Ê: Ï· in order to show your thanks to Hashem, you are not required to have ten people at the Seuda and a zimmun will suffice. Besorot Tovot
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