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Jewish womb or jewish egg?

Rabbi Gideon WeitzmanShevat 22, 5771
B.H. Shalom uVrachah! What is the opinion of the nowadays posekim about the issue of a ’more than two parents pregnancy’, i.e, When is the child is jewish:? When the egg comes from a jewish woman or when the womb is jewish? I would like also to know from where at Talmud or Tanach they brought their opinion. Toddah Rabbah!
Shalom U'verachah, This is a very complex issue with opinions on both sides of the debate as to whether the genetic mother or the birth mother is the halachic mother. If this is a real live case then I suggest that you ask your own posek or contact one of the Rabbis at the Puah Institute, their website is Kol Tuv
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