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Chag Sheini Ba Galut


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar I 25, 5771
An important question to try and help someone who seems not to care but nevertheless I am trying to solve the problem and find a solution in a Hallachic acceptable way An Israeli currently living in Israel who will be in Australia for Shavouot and is intending to fly to the USA leaving Australia on the second day of Shavouot. She will be staying in Australia with Israelis in a non-Jewish area (not sure if these Israelis are observant or not) and no-one there will know her. She is intending to fly out on the second day Shavouot mid-day eventually arriving in New York on what is there already Motsae Chag after midnight. My question is simply is there any Hallachic way that allows her to do so on any basis or on the basis of being in and leaving from a non-Jewish area and where no-one knows her. Bassically if there is a ruling that would fall under "Yesh Al Mi Lismoch" Thank you Yoru help would be very much appreciated
Not doing "melacha"= work which is forbidden on the second day of Chag, by an Israeli in Chutz La'aretz is a serious issue which is not be disregarded. All the Jews in Chutz La'aretz have accepted upon themselves the observance of two days as Chazal have instituted. When someone from Eretz Yisrael arrives in these communities she becomes subject to their custom. Travelling on the second day of Yom tov would seem to sever that person from the Jewish community in the diaspora. If indeed the person in question will be in a place where there are no Jews, then she is not required to keep the second day. However, since as you describe, there are Jews, even if they are a handful of Jews, whether they are observant or not, Rav Shlomo Zalman Oirbach zt"l has ruled that the second day must be observed (as brought in the book , יום טוב שני כהלכתוof Rav Yerachmiel David Fried chapter 3.)
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