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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar I 24, 5771
How can Jews of non-Judaic heritage deserve Israeli citizenship but not Torah-believing Arabs? Why is Islam not an alternative interpretation of the Torah? Should Israel tolerate alternative interpretations of the Torah?
I do not understand the meaning of" Jews of non- Judaic heritage". Someone who is born a Jew is automatically accepted as a citizen by the Law of Return by the State of Israel. From a legal point of view and from a religious point of view we would like to see all Jews return home to the Land of Israel. Someone who is born into the Jewish nation is a Jew regardless of their religious observance the same way someone who is born into a family is a son\ daughter to that family regardless of how rebellious he or she may be towards the parents. The Torah was given to the Jewish people with the oral interpretation given to Moses by G-D. This interpretation has been passed down from generation to generation to the Jewish people. This is only interpretation which is acceptable to the Torah. If a gentile wishes to commentate on the Torah that is his prerogative but in no way is it binding to the Jewish people. If a gentile accepts upon himself the seven laws of Noah he may also dwell in the Land of Israel by Torah law.
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