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Nail Filing


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 19, 5771
What is the proper way to file ones nails. Is there a specific order? where should it be done? in a garbage? over the sink? over the toilet? anywhere? does it have the same requirements of disposal as does the actual cut piece of nails?
The Rema (שו"ע אורח חייים סי' רס) says in the name of the Abudraham that one should not cut the finger nails in order rather one should start with the left hand and the order of cutting should be as follows: The ring finger, index finger, pinky, middle, and finally the thumb. On the right hand the order should be: The index finger, ring finger, thumb, middle, and finally the pinky. As far as their disposal the poskim emphasized mainly that they should not be dropped where women walk. However, the Chida (ברכי יוסף סי' רס) says that the Ari z"l was not cautious with this issue and if the Ari z"l was not concerned with it then there is no doubt and one need not be concerned. This is the opinion of Sefardi poskim while the Magen Avraham and Mishna B'rura said that the proper custom is to follow the order of cutting.
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