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קטגוריה משנית
My husband and I are responsible for checking our community’s eruv. We have been instructed to cut down any branches that protrude underneathe the tzurat hapesach. However, there is one tree that we were told that we do not need to cut down its branches. We are therefore confused as to what the halacha is. Do we need to remove all leaves and branches from the tzurat hapesach, or are there certain conditions under which they can remain?
A tree under a Tzurat Hapetach can anull the Tzurat Hapetach. (שו"ת האלף לך שלמה חלק אורח חיים סימן קנו) According to the Chazon Ish( הלכות עירובין סימן ע ס״ק יט על פי שו״ע שסג סימן כ״ו)if there is a space of 10 tefachim of empty space between the wire of the Tzurat hapetach and the tree beneath, the tzurat Hapetach is kosher. The Rabbi who authorizes the Eruv should be consulted in any case of question.
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