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Rabbi Jonathan Blass24 Adar II 5763
Dear Rabbi, I’ve just set up my own dating agency in London. I would like to call it 7Match. I would like to know if you could tell me what the number 7 means in jewish religion and if it’s a lucky number for my company? I was wondering if the number 7 had any significations related to relationships? Thank you for your help.
The belief in lucky and unlucky numbers is rooted in superstition, not in Judaism. All numbers, like everything else G-d created in the world, are there for a good purpose. The number seven is often used in the Bible to signify “a lot”- for example: the promise that our enemies will flee from us in seven directions. If it is a Jewish dating service, perhaps you could refer to the fact that there were three Patriarchs- Abraham Isaac and Jacob, and four Matriarchs- Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, in other words- seven Fathers and Mothers.
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