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Bracha for ’mezonot Bread’ and Pizza


Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff

Elul 8, 5770
If I eat bread which is mezonot in a sandwich form do i say Mezonot or wash and say Hamotzi? Or does it depend whether or not i have a ’seudah kvu’a’ (a permanent meal)? What about if I eat 1 piece of Pizza for lunch?? Thankyou
There is a big dispute whether there is such a thing as "mezonos bread" which looks and tastes almost like regular bread. I ascribe to the position that this is hamotzi and requires netilas yadayim even if one eats a small amount. I feel that pizza is a safek hamotzi- with most opinions considering it to be hamotzi. I therefore advise people who eat one slice of pizza to make hamotzi on a slice of bread
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