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Parve soup in Milk Pot


Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Av 23, 5770
If a parve soup was cooked in a Dairy pot (pot was not used in last 24 hours) can the soup be eaten in a meat bowl (porcelain) with silver meat spoon? Furthermore can the soup be reheated in a meaty Pot?
Parve soup that was cooked in a milky pot which has not been used for 24 hours can be eaten in meaty dishes. It is also permitted to reheat it in a meaty pot because it has a very slight and defective milk flavor. It is even permitted to cook the soup in a milky pot when he knows in advance that he is going to use meaty dishes if he has no other pot. (מבוסס על הרמ"א יו"ד סימן צה סעיף ב, ט"ז ס"ק ד, פמ"ג במ"ז ד, חכ"א כלל מח סעיף ב, בדי השלחן סימן צה ס"ק ל).
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