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Slaughtering a non-kosher animal


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Av 11, 5770
I wish to take a stance via Civil Disobedience, It deals with shechita. Can I as a Jew, slaughter a pig rather than a permitted animal to use as the vehicle of protest? obviously, I will not make any profit from this act in a financial manner, and the question comes to mind, if the animal is slaughtered in such a fashion as to make it unfit for sale or consumption is it permissible to take this action?
According to the Shulchan Aruch (יורה דעה קיז:א) the very act of purchasing a non-kosher animal which is sold to be eaten (as opposed to purchasing a horse which is used for riding and not eating) is prohibited. Furthermore, it seems that the slaughtering of an animal with in which it is rendered unfit for sale or consumption should be considered wanton killing of an animal and cruelty. (שו"ת נודע ביהודה ח"ב יור"ד:י)
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