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Giving the name Nimrod

How is it that so many non-religious Israelis name their sons Nimrod? Isn’t that like naming your kid Amalek, Haman, Hitler or Torquemada? How can a Mohel allow such a disgusting name to be given by the Brit Milah being that Nimrod wanted to kill Avraham Avinu wouldn’t it be the same as giving the above mentioned names?
The name Nimrod is indeed a very problematic name, and one should explain this gently to people who are open to hear it. It is known that Gedolei Yisrael (most revered rabbis of the generation) tell people bearing the name Nimrod to change their name to Avraham. We should judge favorably those Jews who give this name. Many people are not aware of its meaning and complexity. I do not think we should criticize the Mohalim (Jewish men trained in the practice of circumcision) in this issue, because there are people who may not be open to listen and it is much more important that people should come out of the Brit Milah (ritual of circumcision) with a good feeling and will continue to circumcise their sons. This is something that unfortunately also has some objectors nowadays.
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