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Working on Shabbat


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

26 Adar I 5763
I am a nurse who must take call and work on Shabbat in order to perform my job. My Rabbi says it’s OK for me to do this. My job gives me a great deal of satisfaction, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else (including not working). I recently married and my husband wants me not to work on Shabbat. However, he is not able to support me on his small salary in the lifesytle that I’m accustomed to. We probably could get by without me working, but with a great deal of sacrifice on my part. What is the Halacha? Should a person keep a job that forces them to work on Shabbat, if they really don’t have to work. Or should I keep working because my work is considered a Mitzvah, even if it means Shabbat work?
You and your husband should together consult a rabbi who knows you and whom you both trust. This is because your question involves not only the Laws of Shabbat but how you will build your lives together.
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