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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Sivan 1, 5770
I am doing a research project on Rav Avraham Isaac Ha-Cohen Kook, and my research question is what was his vision and does it exist today? Is his vision a part of reality today? In what does his vision become true today? I will very much appreciate your help. Thank you! Rachel.
There are many aspects to the vision of Rav Kook zt"l and in this framework, I will relate to only a few points. In 1921 Rav kook established the Chief Rabbinate of Israel which still serves the entire country today. It administrates all the marriages, conversions, kosher food supervision and many other aspects of religious life in Israel. Today every city and town has a chief Rabbi as well so it is a well established institution. In 1924 Rav Kook established his Yeshiva which is now called Mercaz Harav. He opened it then with a small amount of students and today 86 years later it is the flagship of all the Zionist Yeshivas with thousands of graduates among them many who have opened their own yeshiva following in the footsteps of Rav Kook's ideology. One of the main things Rav Kook started in his time was to bridge the gap between the religious and the non-religious and to bring those distant from Torah closer to it. Because of this behavior, Rav Kook's philosophy was not accepted in many Yeshivot. How ironic it is today that there is hardly a Yeshiva, even those who still unfortunately do not learn his teachings, who do not have a program to bring the distant close to torah.There are still many more things which Rav Kook envisioned and were fulfilled but I only randomly chose a few things. Good luck on your project.
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