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קטגוריה משנית
In Pirkai Avot,"Ethics of the Fathers" Chapter 1, Mishnah 15 it says: "receive every man with a pleasant countenance" and in "Ethics of the Fathers" Chapter 3' Mishnah 12 it says "receive every man with joy". please explain: 1. "receive" (what dose it mean to receive people)? 2. "every man" (what dose this include or exclude)? 3. "with a pleasant countenance [a beautiful face]" (what dose it mean a beautiful face)? p.s. sources please if possible thank you
The Rambam on Pirkei Avot explains simply that to "receive people with a pleasant countenance" means to welcome them warmly if you are hosting them and accept them with a pleasant face as opposed to a sour face. The Sefat Emet on a different Mishna in Avot (Chapter 1:6) explains that "Kol Ha'adam" which is often translated "every man" actually refers to man as a whole, meaning his entire personality.
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