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Bugs in Strawberries

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanIyyar 7, 5770
Concerning bugs in strawberries (in Israel), I have been seeing contradictory information from different sources. Some rabbis say to cut off the tops, wash in soapy water, and you’re done. Others say that the bugs lodge under the seeds, that nothing will get them out, and that even after doing the above, one has to cook or puree the strawberries so the remaining bugs won’t be a "berya" and will be "mevutalim." (This would mean that nobody can ever eat a strawberry in the normal way any more.) I am willing to go to that extreme only if it is truly necessary. Which is correct? From the information I have managed to find on thrips, the former seems to reflect reality, but...? Also: the little black threads that are almost always coming out from under the seeds - are they bugs? Thank you.
The ruling of the Chief Rabbinate is to cut off the tops, wash in soapy water and leave to soak for a few minutes. There are other opinions as well. What is correct is to do is what the Rabbi you have chosen to be your teacher told you to do.
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