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manners and midot


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 5, 5770
In answering a question about neighbors and a pet cat (see: Problem with neighbours becuase of cat Rabbi Yoel Lieberman ; Tevet 18, 5770 Category: Manners and Midot) At some point the answer switched direction with the following segue: "It seems to me though that this is more a case of proper neighborly relations more than an Halachic issue." Could you please clarify the implication that "neighborly relations" are distinct from "Halachic issues?" Thank you
My intention simply was NOT to say that neighborly relations are not governed by halacha. There are many issues of such nature which are discussed in halalcha. My intention was that there is no prohibition of owning a cat as long as is it not disturbing others, but the neighbors have to get used to it. On the halachic side of neighborly relations I also said that care must be taken that the pet does not disturb the neighbors or their children like any other annoyance to neighbors which is forbidden.
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