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I will be staying in a hotel over Shabbat for a Barmitzvah. The hotel is not owned by Jews, the guests will likely mostly not be Jewish and there is no Eruv in the city. Is there any way I can organise carrying in the hotel? It is also possible that there might be a communal meal held for the guest of the Barmitzvah-only in the hotel. This will be outside caretered (i.e. not by the hotel themselves). Would this be enough to allow carrying in the communal areas of the hotel? I also once heard that it is always permissible to carry in a hotel as while one ’purchases’ the room for the duration of the stay, the hotel staff can move one out/to a different room at any time (I have no source for this though). Is it possible/proper to rely on this? Many thanks,
The last arguement you mentioned, that the ownership of the rooms is maintained by the owner in a hotel, allows you to carry throughout the building. There may a problem if there are corridors completely occupied by long term tenants who cannot be relocated by the owner, then those corridors would be off limits, but you do not have to inquire before hand about that problem. Only if you know about it should you go through other corridors.
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