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Shevirat Hakelim

Rabbi Jonathan Blass19 Adar I 5763
I have recently read about the lurianic concept of shevirat hakelim. I find this concept disturbing. If g-d is omnipotent, how could this cosmic catostrophe happen in creation? Does the concept not imply that the forces of creation couldn't be controlled? How is this possible for an omnipotent g-d? Does rav kook discuss it? Other gedolim discuss this issue?
There are no “ifs” about G-d’s omnipotence. Shevirat Kelim refers to the deliberate creation by an omnipotent G-d of a world that seems less than perfect and is developing toward its perfection. It is a good idea to study these ideas only with a G-d-fearing talmid chacham who is also expert in halacha as a teacher and only after you are well-versed in the writings of the Maharal of Prague and then in Derech Hashem and Daat Tevunot of the Ramchal.
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