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Bread at work

Various Rabbis19 Adar I 5763
Dear Rabbi At my workplace I find it very difficult to wash, say hamotzi, eat & bench in the same place. Apart from forgoing bread, which of the following alternatives are acceptable or least unacceptable? a) washing, saying hamotze & taking a bite in one place; and completing the meal and benching in another place; or b) foregoing washing; saying hamotze, eating & benching in one place. Or perhaps you have another recommendation?
Your first alternative sounds the best. Meaning, washing, saying Hamotzi and tasting a bite and then completing the meal elseware (and there saying the benching!). This Halacha is brought in connecton to travelers and has two conditions: A. One has to have in mind when washing that one plans to eat in the second place. B. One has to have in mind not to regard the first place as the place of the meal. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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