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Exile Punishment

For which crimes can all Israel or single individuals of it suffer the punishment of exile from the Holy Land?
The Rabbis in different sources mention various factors resulting in Galut. In Pirkei Avot, chapter 5 it says that Galut comes due to transgression of idolatry, adultery, bloodshed, and the lack of the observance of Shmitta. In Avot D'rabi Natan (Chapter 2) it says that exile is due to the annulment of Torah study. In the Midrash Ruth Rabba the reason given is lack of the observance of the laws of Terumot and Masserot. Needless to say are there are the reasons mentioned in Shema Yisrael which is recited each day which connect exile to the general lack of adherence to the Torah. May we merit to fulfill the Torah fully and be worthy of long days in Eretz Yisrael.
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