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Studying The Nach


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 29, 5769
Why do we study Nach if we can’t derive Halacha from it? What can we learn from Nach? What is the purpose in studying Nach? And why is learning Nach so neglected in the Yeshiva world? Kol tov,
Halacha is not the only aspect of Torah. Chazal say (Megilla 14) that there were more than 1,200,000 prophets however, only prophecy needed for generations was written. This teaches us that there are many lessons to be learned from the Nevi'im, such as understanding the future redemption, Divine providence and retribution, repentance which are fundamental to the Jewish faith and many other moral issues and a wealth of other ideas. Even if just to learn from our mistakes of the past would be a justified reason to study Nach.(See Nadarim 22b) As far as the study of Nach in Yeshivot, the main focus of Yeshivot is to study the Talmud and that which stems from it. Nach is also part of Torah learning as Rabbis have said over the generations. However, each student in his respective Yeshiva will receive guidance how much time to spend on the study of Nach. Shana Tova.
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