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The limits of free will


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

Tishrei 10, 5770
Shalom I was discussing this subject wiuth a friend and was wondering what is the commonly accepted view? The view of Rambam that free will is wide ranging and G-d does not dictate the minor areas of our lives? or the views like thos R’ Dessler that free will is far more restrictive- only in line with those descisions around morality/ethic/spirituality and the like and that G-d dictates even the minor details of our lives. Thank you
It's hard to say what the "normative" view is on a subject such as this. I would suggest that the scope of free will depends on the person. One who simply lives one's life without considering deeply decisions that come into his path will end up choosing out of habit and not really excersize the faculty of free will. However, one who attempts to consider the values in his (or her) liife and works to improve one's actions and lot, will develop the stregnth to excersize freedom of choice. Possibly one might say that the RaMBaM is discussing the ideal while Rav Dessler's model relates to the average man.
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