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קטגוריה משנית
I am planning a wedding and want to have an "underplate" on the table -- a piece of metal that you put your regular plate on. I would like to print the benching - grace after meals on the metal plate so that guests can use it at the wedding and then take it home as a memento. Is it allowable to print the bencher on the metal plate?
Mazal Tov I think the answer depends on what exactly you are planning. If it is a bencher memento you are designing and it happens to be places under the plates at the wedding, I see a minor problem with it, however if it is something like a placemat or a plate holder memento that happens to have the benching printed on it, it seems inappropriate and disrespectful. I think that even if your intention is more like the first option I mentioned, some may misinterpret your intention and find it offensive, so my advice is to find another creative memento solution that will keep everyone happy.
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