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Hechsher for chewable medications

I will soon undergo an operation that will make it impossible to swallow pills, and I will be able to ingest chewable (and therefore flavored) pills only. One of those chewable-flavored pills that I’ll have to take is not available with a Hechsher. Can I take it?
A sick person that needs his medication for a life risking situation or even for an organ function loss risk situation, can take any needed medication even if non-kosher. For a condition that bears no such risk and yet requires non-kosher oral medication, it should be consumed without enjoying its taste for instance by mixing bitter content with the medication etc. You should remember that no Hechsher does not necessarily mean not kosher, the ingredient list can give you a clue of what it contains. [Medical Halachic Encyclopedia, entry Kashrut]
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