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Watering plants with Netilat Yadayim water

Rabbi Elchanan LewisTammuz 9, 5769
I wanted to know if I can use the Netilat Yadim water (after waking up and before eating bread) to water my garden . Meaning I will wash into a bucket and later take that water and water my garden. Since Israel is suffering from a drought and we are not allowed to water our gardens, I am trying to be as water responsible as I can be so is that OK. Thank you
The SHulchan Aruch [OC 4:8] prohibits washing netilat yadaim after waking up onto the ground and requires to wash into a bucket as appose to on the ground, the reason for that is brought by the Bet Yosef from the Zohar to be an evil spirit [ruach ra'a] that are in the water, hence your suggestion appears to be problematic. However the problem is only pouring the water on the ground where people walk, if you pour the water in a place no one walks on that is permissible [Yabia Omer 5 OC 2]
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