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Elijah the forerunner of the Messiah

Rabbi Elchanan LewisSivan 18, 5769
Shalom Rabbi, This question is about Eliyahu Ha-Navi. As Jewish people believe in the coming of Mashiach. Why aren’t we waiting for the coming of Eliyahu Ha-Navi to explain difficult halachah questions, before Mashiach’s arrival? If we are indeed waiting for Eliyahu Ha-Navi, How, when, what, where is he expected to appears? and how do we expect to recognized him (Eliyahu)? or we are not expected him at all! My understanding that Eliyahu will come to settle difficult matters before the coming of Mashiach. Please help! What is the Halachah position on this matter?
The Rambam [melachim 12:2] brings the possibility of Eliyahu hanavi coming before the Mahsich. He also adds that these things we don't know how they will be until they come to be. He carries on to say that this issue of what exactly is going to happen and how, is not one of the pillars of Judaism and therfore one should spend more time studying Torah rather than trying to guess how things will happen in the future.
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