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Tefilat Haderech


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Sivan 4, 5769
We are Sefardim. Rav Ovadia Yosef writes that one should say Tefilat Haderech for a journey over 72 minutes. 1) Is this from the time you get into your car until you reach your destination? What if part of the journey is built up towns? 2) What if you are driving in Yehuda and/or Shomron and the journey is less than 72 minutes? Is there any difference if you drive in a part where many Jews drive and there is little danger (but there have been stone throwing incidents)? Thank you.
1. From the time you leave the city till you get to the destination city . 2. If the roads are dangerous you recite Tfilat Haderech even for less than the 72 minutes. [Pninei Halacha 3]
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