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Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Sivan 1, 5769
I am struggling with the Jewish view of non-Jews. I can understand why we do not trust a non-Jew in matters of Kashrut, but why also prohibit all non-Jews as witnesses? Are there no non-Jews who are trustworthy? In short, do we Jews see and treat all non-Jews as second class citizens in some important ways?
Shalom Women in most cases are also disqualified from acting as a witness in court, so are for instance two brothers even trustworthy and righteous as Moshe and Aaron, the reason is not because we don’t believe them [we believe them in other scenarios not less important] it is a Torah law nothing really to do with trust. Non-Jews are not second rated; we have commandments they are exempt from, we carry responsibilities they are free from, but that doesn’t make them second class citizens. It is true that some non-Jews rightfully earned the suspicion we developed toward them or even the despise we feel toward them however that is not the general case. On the contrary, we care and pray for the redemption of the whole world Jews and non-Jews alike, during the Temple time we would offer offerings on their behalf. It is we who were second rated in their eyes for centuries and yet by some nations not the other way around.
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