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parve pans


Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff

Shevat 21, 5769
All of my baking pans are aluminum and parve. I have seperate ovens, and want to make sure that I can still bake my baked goods parve to be served with meat and dairy. If I bake a parve cake in a parve pan in my meat oven, and 24 hours have passed and there are no meat drippings on the racks or the bottoms, is that ok to eat with dairy? Does my pan become meat? Or would I have to self-clean each time I want to bake parve?
The pan and the cake are perfectly pareve, even if 24 hours have not passed, as long as the oven has no meat grease at the time, and the pan does not rest (in the oven) on any meat item.
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