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fight in schule


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Shevat 2, 5769
On shabbat this week two respected individuals (one of them is a board member in schul) had a quarrel that almost led to a fist fight. After many requests by the young Rabbi they were asked to leave. Later that evening they made up and apologized to one another. They went to the rabbi's home to announce their peace. The Rabbi requested that the two individuals should go to schule and apologize in public to set everything straight in schule so there will not be any bad vibes in schule with other members. Is this advisable or even necessary? Some have suggested that public apologies are done only in the month of Elul be foe Rosh Hashana and that until then they should first deal with Azivat Hachet. Is this correct or should they waste no time and apologize publicly as soon as possible? please respond as soon as possible !!! thanks in advance...
There are no rules on this matter; it is in the hands of the rabbi to decide what the right way to go about it is. Rabbis however also sometimes make mistakes.
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