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קטגוריה משנית
Lately there has been a number of prominent Rabbis from Israel urging Jews to make Aliya. My husband and I want to very much. The problem is he needs a license to practice dentisty and he needs to take the exam in Hebrew. My husband does not know the Hebrew language and he graduated dental school 25 years ago. Are these Rabbis saying we do not have enough Emuna if we do not make Aliyah despite this obstacle?.
You can ask these rabbis for what they meant I can't answer in their behalf. I believe one should make serious preparation for making Aliya in many ways including financially. Just as you don’t go to buy a pair of Tefilin with $5 you can't plan Aliya with no financial support. It is better to make the proper preparation and delay the mitzvah of Aliya a bit so when it is preformed it will persist than making Aliya before but you will have to leave for not finding the means to support yourself in the holy land. Most people will have to compromise their standards of living when making Aliya and it’s worth it by all means however there is a level most people can't live beneath. It is true that there are some Tzadikim, and I had the merit to meet some, that will leave their wealth, carrier, respect, and friends behind and made Aliya with complete faith in Hashem they will not starve, they will be willing to work in any job that will come despite their skills, diplomas or previous experience. These people in many cases never make up their wealth and in some cases live and die as poor people yet happy for the incredible opportunity t live with G-d in his palace. These are special people of valor and not everyone can practice this level of Emunah to the same extent. If you are of the first more common group – it will be smart to carefully explore your financial and business options with people that have the knowledge and experience with helping people like you, the professionals of Nefesh B'Nefesh can give you a better view of your chances to convert your talent and expertise to a job in Israel. Maybe it will mean it will take some time and it will probably mean you will have to downgrade your lifestyle in some areas but it's worth every second. All the best
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