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The Endtime Elijah & The 12 Tribes

Rabbi Chaim TabaskyCheshvan 1, 5769
1) Since it is prophesied that Elijah will come before the Day of the LORD, is there any attempt by the Rabbis to identify or keep a look out for this prophet, other than the yearly cup that symbolically reminds them that he was promised to come? 2) Since the Book of Malachi was addressed to all 12 Tribes of Israel, why do Jews (mainly of Judah Tribe) assume that Elijah will primarily come to their Tribe? All 12 Tribes are prophesied to be regathered in Jerusalem when Messiah reigns. Therefore they have to be around today. Is there any official Jewish attempt to identify them?
1. It is generally not the policy of Rabbis to try to identify messianic figures. 2. There is disagreement among the Talmudic sages as to what tribe Eliyahu (Elijah) belonged. They do not count Judah as one of them.Eliyahu is the harbinger of Mashiach ben David, the heir to David's throne, who will be of Royal lineage, hence from Judah.
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