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checking for bugs


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Elul 22, 5768
I’ve recently made aliyah and discovered found out that all grains and beans need to be checked. So I got lentils and checked them, and it took me a really long time to go through it, since on so many lentils there are these small black spots, which I subsequently removed. Is any dot or discolouration on the lentils (or rice or beans) supposed to be removed? Or is is just actual bugs that should be removed (indeed, I did spot a few small ones)? Also, are there any resources that I can use to help me learn exactly what I need to remove from every specific food item? Please advise - I want to be able to enjoy these foods again. Kol tuv!
Every different type of food has its own way of checking so you should really find a book that helps you with that. [I don't know of one in English, try the English book stores] Rice you should check by passing over a plate and checking mainly between the kernels, the black dots on the rice itself are not a problem Lentils have to be checked one by one to remove those with small [worm] holes on them, you might need to soak them in water to remove all those that float, you can also cut three samples and see it they are clean. Red lentils are not thought to be infected and can be eaten if look clean. [see Min Hamutar Beficha by Rav M. Eliyahu]
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