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קטגוריה משנית
I just realized: why would Yechezkel talk about a 3rd Temple when the 2nd one was not even built? Couldn’t he have been referring to the 2nd Temple? In other words, why do the Rabbis skip a Temple? Do all the sages agree that this is referring to the 3rd Temple? Why? and if so, why don’t they think it’s referring to the 2nd Temple?
Yechezkel [40 -42] relates to a temple that will restore the glory of Hashem and his full presence in this world like was at the beginning of the first temple and more. He describes in great detail the architecture of that temple. Unfortunately we know that the second temple did not restore Hashem's presence like it was during the first temple and we know that the architecture of the second temple does not match the decryption of the prophet Yechezkel. This brings us to the conclusion [and we know it from our sages as well] that he spoke about a temple that hasn't yet been built. The second temple had the potential to be this building but we failed to bring it to its proper destiny [See Kuzari 2; 24]
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