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How Many Jews That Left Egypt Made it Alive to Yisrael


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

Elul 27, 5768
I have often heard that many say only 1/5 of the Jewish People (males?) left Egypt and the 4/5 died during the plague of darkness due to assimilation etc. Of the remainder, if most of the 18 year old males became 20 years old by the time of the spy incident and thus died in the dessert and around 15,000 more died during the rebellion of Korach, how many of the Jewish males 18 and older who actually left Egypt actually made it into Yisrael? What percentage would this be and could infer that perhaps only an extremely small percentage made it into Yisrael? Is it our belief that these souls will be reborn and were the Levites allowed into Yisrael? Will the souls that passed away while in the bemidbar likely to be reborn in the future? With the exception of Calev and Jehoshua, then the males who left Egypt would have been 58 at the youngest upon entry in Yisrael?
1. The decree that all males over the age of 20 would die in the desert did not apply to Leviim. It can be assumed that few Leviim died in the desert, though some surely did after the rebellion of Korach, in which at least some Leviim were participants. The Torah does not tell us how many Leviim actually made it to Israel. 2. Presumably, all those (excluding Leviim, Calev and Yehoshua) who left Egypt over the age of 18 died in the dessert. The decree, which took place over a year after the exodus, applied to males over twenty, but since only less than 39 years went by until the entry to Israel, and the Jews died in the desert at the age of 60, the last year's group was pardoned. 3. We may assume that belief in the revaval of the dead after Moshiach comes includes those who died in the desert.
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