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Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

Sivan 29, 5768
1) According the Torah, are Jewish people in allowed to permanently remain extremely rich people if they are hard working and honest businessmen (Who do not exploit people)? How much of their money are they supposed to give to the Jewish people who are poor? Which is right? Capitalism, Socialism, Communism or Nationalism? 2) According to Torah, are Jewish people allowed to permanently own large sizes of productive farming lands of many hectares? Does the size of the productive farming lands depend on the population of people or the climate of the country? 3) According to Torah, what is the permitted marriage age difference between a man and a woman? How many years older is a man allowed to be than a woman? Can a man be 10 years older than a woman? The reason I am requesting this information from you is so my my conscience can be cleared and full of understanding without any confusion concerning God, the Torah and the Jewish people in the world.
1. The Halacha is that a person should not give more than 20% of his wealth (and then up to 20% of his yearly earnings) for charity, lest in the future he should require charity himself. There is no prohibition against wealth in the Torah, though wealthy people certainly should give generously, and set an example for the community. The Torah does not prescribe a certain system of government or economic organization. 2. The Torah does not limit the amount of personal wealth. 3. The Hlacha sets no limits concerning the difference of ages of spouses. However, common sense would make one careful about entering into a marriage in which the ages are vastly different.
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