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Kippa sold by a "min"

Various RabbisSivan 1, 5768
I just purchased a bunch of knitted Kippas on ebay. (I am partial to wearing Kippot Serugot). I submitted my bid, it was accepted and they were cheaper than the local Judaica shops such as Eichlers and they had free shipping and handling. $14 for 4 Kippas! What a deal, right? I get the email saying my bid was accepted and my Kippas will arrive shortly. Anyway, I then looked at the same ebay seller’s other items for sale and I see this guy is offering "Messianic Prayer shawls" a "Christian Tallit" , "Lady’s Pink Tallit", a "Christian man blows ram horn shofar messianic T-SHIRT" and other not-so-Kosher Judaica items. I am aware that there is no inherent Kedusha with a Kippa, I don’t think I will be refunded (that’s not how ebay works) I would rather not have supported this business, but it’s too late. As far as I can see these Kippas don’t have a "Tseylem" (Tslav) on them (at least not from the photos I have seen.) Should I still wear them, even though it’s obvious that it came from a business run by a "min"?
It is always best to buy Kipput and other yiddishkeit items from someone who has Yirat Shamayim. However, there is no problem to wear the Kipot as long as nothing non-Jewish appears on them. Rabbi Binyamin Bamberger
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