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Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Tammuz 7, 5768
We are here for pleasure. That is a fact. The only reason someone does something is for pleasure. Weather its reliving stress or self inflicting pain. This is something physical that can be tested on people. Every Religion is faith based because you cant prove or disprove god because you can not test him.You also dont know why did he create or anything about him for that matter. So if you know that were here for pleasure because you can see it on planet earth then why do i need to follow Judiasm. No one can tell me that im wrong because know one knows god. I do believe in god because of how everything is perfectly setup hard to believe its by chance. But i dont believe anyone can tell anyone that there right or wrong because no one knows why god did anything its faith based religions. So now if you tell me what about a guy that thinks murder is pleasure. This is were justice comes in because if the guy murders someone then based on that action people will inforce law because they dont want to next inline to get killed. So once you deprive pleasure from someone justice will be inforced by the action. Religions do things by peoples sayings and writings that leads to god which you cant prove or disrpove. But i am dealing with physical things as evidence. So tell me if the only reason we are here is for pleasure and the only thing we do is for pleasure and we dont know why god made us then why follow Judiasm? Please give me direct sources from the Torah not from what some rabbi says and hold the reason i say this is because each rabbi can have a different understanding of the source. So i would rather see the source for myself and come to my own conclusion. Its ok to source the rabbis to aslong as the direct torah source is there to. Thank You.
Shalom There are many issues you have addressed in your articulated latter, I can't relate to all since we will need more than the platform we have on this website, I will however try to address two points of your question. You say that we are here for pleasure, you are very much right; As the Mesilat Yesharim [Ramcha"l] starts his book stating that mans purpose of creation is to derive pleasure. Nevertheless he adds – pleasure from G-d. That is our purpose in life, not the mere physical enjoyment and "having fun". You are asking how can one know what G-d wants from us and you want the source from the Torah, I am a bit confused since what is the Torah if not the commandments of G-d to the Jewish people? Isn't the torah clear about the question of who created the world and how to behave within it? All the best
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