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Rabbi Dov Berl Wein19 Adar I 5763
Hi. My question is about me and the guy I am seeing. I really like this boy I am seeing. He comes from a secular background and has become frum - I come from a frum background and have become more modern - so we sort of meet in the middle. My question is - how do I make it work with the families. This has proved really challenging for me - finding a way to introduce the guy I am seeing to my family. Are there any books I can read that might make the transition easier. I really want to get married and to this guy and I want to know that there is a future possible. Any advice would be great.
I would talk to your family first before introducing him. Explain to them your feelings for him and emphasize to them his religious commitment. Tell them that you intend to build a Jewish home together with him and ask them for their emotional support. I am certain that they are aware that you are now more modern - whatever that may mean - and perhaps they may view your marriage as a way of preventing you from becoming even more modern. Then introduce him and hope for the best. Best wishes. Rabbi Berel Wein
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