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Walking without an Eruv

Various RabbisIyyar 21, 5768
A colleague of mine is making a wedding (the reception is not in the church) and it is on shabbos. It would probably be a kiddush Hashem if we go. The closest hotel is about 2 miles away and we have two toddlers with us. Is there any way to walk the 2 miles pushing a stroller? Can we walk with some sort of band all around us (i.e. come up with a "walking eruv")? Is there any way to get around walking with a stroller without an eruv? Thank you.
Pushing a stroller on Shabbat in a place that does not have a Kosher Eruv is forbidden. A "walking Eruv" is also not possible. I hope you find a different solution. Rabbi Binyamin Bamberger.
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