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Iyyar 8, 5768
I read on this site that you can read non-jewish related books on shabbat (in response to a student who asked if he could write on shabbat, the rabbi said no, but he could read). i have also heard, though, that you can not even read seforim on shabbat that are not related to judaism etc. i have exams coming up and my parents want me to read my notes/textbooks on shabbat. from what i had previously heard, i have so far not done so. to ease the tension (and b"h do well in exams) could i get a definite answer as to whether i can or not? thank you very much!
Sefaradim cannot study anything but Torah on Shabbat. Ashkenazim are allowed to study not-Torah on Shabbat (such as for exams). Study of things that are forbidden on Shabbat such as theory studies for driving is forbidden. Rabbi Yair Wasserteil
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