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Genetically Modified foods

Rabbi Chaim TabaskyIyyar 26, 5768
GM crops have been widely adopted in the United States and several other countries (Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, China, etc) where the agriculture is a major part of the total economy. Currently, there are a of number of foods of which a genetically modified version exists (soybeans, corn, cotton, tomatoes, sugar cane, rice, etc). My concern is the effect these "deceptive seeds" will have on people, animals and the environment. What is the Torah stance on GM foods?
I am unaware of any halachic ramification of GM foods. The halacha forbids certain types of crossbreeding of fruits and vegetables, but not the finished product. It would be wise to follow the reactions of the scientific community to ascertain if the modification of a certain species could be considered harmful. That is certainly true of any new development.
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