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Dirty milk and meat dishes washed together


Various Rabbis

Tevet 15, 5768
Hi We keep a separate kitchen but have only one sink. We use the dishwasher to wash our meat utensils and a wash-bowl in the sink to wash our milky ones (by hand). Sometimes we wash out very dirty meatly bowls by hand, holding them over the sink (with the milky wash-bowl well out of the way). However when we came home last week, we noticed that our cleaner had washed both our meaty utensils (which were on the meaty side) and the milky utensils and all were drying in the rack. Presumably the cleaner used detergent but might have used very hot water or washed the dished in the milky wash-bowl (or the sink itself). What are the status of these dishes? Additionally, what’s the status of the milky wash-bowl? Any help would greatly be appreciated as we currently have half our kitchenware sitting on the side!
If the water was not too hot that one cannot put ones hand in them comfortably than all is kosher. On the other hand if very hot water was used than one has to Kasher all the dishes and the wash bowl. (The Kashrut book) Rabbi Binyamin Bamberger
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