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Various Rabbis12 Kislev 5768
1-red string from rachels tomb that kabbalah center sells - is it kosher? is it in the zohar? does it really protect from ein hara? if not than what can a jew do to protect against ein hara? 2- shir hashirim segula for marriage has to be recited 40 days - what if any is the best time to recite it and does it work? 3- is it idol worship to ask R Shimon bar Yohai to assist us?
1. There is no problem and there is no importance to the red strings. He who does not fear Ayin Hara, has nothing to worry about it.(Maharsha) He who fears Ayin Hara, should not fear and should pray to Hashem. 2. There is such a Segula. It is all in Hashem's hands. 3. The prayer is that Hashem will help because of the virtue of the tzaddik. Rabbi Yitzchak Grinblat
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