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קטגוריה משנית
Shalom Rabbi, It says in Bava Metzia 7:1: "One who hires laborers and demands that they commence early or work late — where local usage is not to commence early or work late he may not compel them. Where it is the practice to supply food [to one’s laborers], he must supply them therewith; to provide a relish, he must provide it. Everything depends on local custom (kol k’minhag hamedina)." Can we the Jewish public set that minhag (protection of rights of laborers) by demanding certain moral standards in the U.S. and Israel for employees? What determines this minhag? Is it set by city or country? Its not just rov is it? How can we raise the bar halakicly in contemporary times? Thank you very much for your guidance,
Jews in foreign countries do not need special rules. What is acceptable in the society obliges the Jews as well. Rabbi Yosef Weitzen
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